Lakarina Sartarest

Lakarina is a Tailhead-Meta who specializes in Force-Magic and spy-related tasks.


She uses twin knives hidden in holsters in her sleeves. Lakarina can use the Force very well, better than her other peers. She has a talent for disguises and lock-picking, always extra careful. She has high stealth and intelligence as well as charisma. This character is good for those who usually prefer Rogues, spies, and ninjas.


Her interests are practicing her skills, making disguises, mentoring others, flirting with her secret crush, scaring people, and sparing with her team. Osiris Victranis is very close to her. She has a temper and a hot-headed, flirtatious, witty disposition. She gets along great with most girls, but generally has a hard time trusting boys. Her past is mysterious, but that just adds to her charm.

Lakarina Sartarest

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